First time blogging, this is scary!

Ok, so I just got off the phone with my best friend who lives in the States and she’s urged me for the millionth time that I have to either write a book or start a blog. So here goes! 

I am a stay-at-home mom living in Athens, Greece.  Boring so far, right? I have two kids, a son who is 4 and a baby who just turned 1 last week.  My son has autism. There, I said it.  Wow, that was scary!!  Opening up about my son is really painful.  The past two years since we got the Autism, well Autism spectrum, diagnosis has been one crazy, scary journey.  Mostly because we live in Greece and it’s still such a taboo topic here, as is anything really that doesn’t conform to the image of a happy family.  But, we are a happy family, most days.

Today we’re not such a happy family.  My son, Panayiotis, climbed onto the living room floor lamp and broke it, of course. Glass went everywhere!! Beba, our little girl (her name is Maria by the way but we like to call her Beba) is coughing up a storm and is totally scared of the vaccum cleaner and my husband Kosta cut himself on the glass and was dripping blood on the carpet.  Just another typical family disaster at the Savvidi-Sfika household.

I’m 34, was brought up in Boston but have been living in Greece since 2002.  I keep saying I’m going to move back but I know deep in my heart that I never will.  I like living in Greece.  It’s the sun, mostly.  It’s always sunny here even when it’s rainy there will always be a few moments when the sun will peak out to reassure you that he’s still there.  And I love love love Vrilissia, our suburb.  It reminds me a lot of Boston with the green everywhere and the parks, and the babies on their strollers.  If you aren’t married with kids, then you have no business living in Vrilissia.

I love to bake.  I will bake just about anything and it’ll taste heavenly, trust me.  I have a journalism degree but haven’t really worked as a journalist since 2004 where I worked as a runner for NBC News, if you call that working as a journalist.  Oh yeah, I did a small stint for Mega Channel in 2005 too.  That was cool.  Saw my name on television under the title of researcher.  I know that I could have done more.  I had plenty of opportunities and I’ve been told that I ‘have it’.  It’s just that I’ve always wanted to have a family, raise kids, cook, take care of little ones.  But now I’m at the point where I want out! I want to join the work force.  I feel guilty at times for feeling like this, but basically I feel guilty about everything in my life.  I especially feel guilty about my son’s regressive autism.  He was 2 when he started losing words and not being able to do stuff that he had mastered like eating by himself.  And no matter what all his therapists are saying, I still feel like it’s my fault.

I think I’ve shared enough for one day.  I promise to be happier and less anxious on my next post.  I may even bake something reallllly good!! Though I have promised my hubby that I’ll try to lose some weight.  It’s been really hard getting back to my pre-preggers shape, especially when I haven’t really tried.  On second thought, I think my next post will be about the research I’ve done on getting a tummy tuck and boob reduction!!

Kisses (filakia)!!

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