I like my coffee . . . cold

Whenever I wake up before Beba I like to sneak to the kitchen and make my coffee first.  Gives me a sense of freedom.  As soon as I walked into the kitchen today I heard noises from Panayioti’s room which meant he was awake.  Perfect! I figured I’ll make him his breakfast, feed him and then heat up Beba’s milk if she’s awake.  But as soon as I put the pan on the stove I heard Beba’s crying.  Oh well! I continued with the omelette, toasted some bread, squeezed some orange juice and laid it all out on the table for Panayioti to find.  He always has this silly smile when I tell him mamma has prepared your breakfast.  It’s his favorite: scrambled eggs, toast, o.j. So I went to his room and told him I’ll be right with him and so he waited in the living room with his hands to his ears ’cause Beba was crying having been left in her room a whole 5 minutes.  She drank her milk in no time and so with the baby in my lap I began to feed Panayioti.  I’m trying to teach him to feed himself but with the time crunch in the morning, most times I just give up and take the fork from him, which he’s about to drop to the floor.  And keeping him from spilling his juice is a task in itself.  Packed both the guys lunch boxes and off they went. In case you were wondering, Kosta has a whole other daily routine which includes taking a shower, having an espresso, a cigarette, a quick peak at his email and getting dressed.  It does not include taking care of little ones.  And so it was just Beba and I and my cold cappuccino.  I’ve gotten so used to drinking it cold by now that I kind of like it.

It’s sunny today so I think I’ll take my girl for a walk!!Yay!!

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