To Vaccinate or Not to Vaccinate, that is the question

When we first found out Panayioti is on the spectrum we (I mean I ) started researching a lot!! And my rearch into the causes, and treatment, of Autism kept leading me to the biggest theory as to why there is such a spike in Autism in recent years: Vaccines.  Man, that really scared the hell out of me.  My little guy has done every vaccine in the book because I followed the pediatrician’s schedule, who in turn followed the government-advised schedule.  I still don’t know if the MMR, which is at the top of the autism culprit list, vaccine is at fault for my son’s regressive autism.  But, I have delayed Beba’s vaccine schedule.  She’s one and she’s only done two vaccines so far. I have my new pediatrician’s ok, of course.  Yet, now that she’s been coughing a week and doesn’t seem to have gotten all that better even though she’s on antibiotics I’m wondering if maybe my judgement of vaccines is at fault.  Still, to be on the ‘safe’ side I won’t change my stance.  I mean, even Temple Grandin, an Autistic and author of The Autistic Brain, agrees that when you have one child with Autism it’s a good idea to delay the other child’s vaccine schedule.  I don’t want to sound like a conspiracy theorist, I just don’t wholly believe in pharmaceutical companies and their declaration that they have our good health in mind.  Something must be behind this autism ‘epidemic’.

As to why I changed Panayioti’s pediatrician, trust me, it wasn’t because she was all about vaccines.  Indeed, she was a vaccine nut.  I just came to the realization that she just didn’t care about my son.  When I said “hey you know what, he stopped saying words he had started saying”, she said the most dangerous thing you can say to a new mom.  She said boys will be boys and that boys are lazy.  Hey lady!! That’s the biggest red flag!! Loss of skill, loss of words, loss of eye contact . . . that’s not boys being boys!! That’s autism. If we were in the States I would so sue her ass.  But, alas, I live in Greece. So now whenever we happen to drive by her office, which is just down the street from our house, I just curse. I curse the day I let her talk me into delaying a whole 6 months into getting my son treatment so as to see if he wakes up one day and is magically alright. So, my life lesson is: trust your instincts parents.  And boys are not lazy.  

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