This is Autism.

A couple of days ago I read Suzanne Wright’s speech.  She’s the founder of Autism Speaks.  I don’t know much else about her because we live in Greece so there’s not much that Autism Speaks can do for us except use it to gather information, and compare and contrast to the therapies here in Greece.  I honestly don’t see how what she said could have disappointed so many families.  It’s called Autism Spectrum Disorder for a reason, right? There are kids on the spectrum that speak fine and others that are non-verbal, like my son.  There are kids on the spectrum that don’t do well in crowded areas, and then there’s my son who is totally cool being in a crowded room. I understand how some people who have high-functioning, really high-functionng, children on the spectrum became disappointed with the bleak picture that Ms. Wright painted of autism but I truly believe that she did it in order to ‘wake’ the government in the States up. At least you have someone like that people!! An advocate, a support group, something. Anything.  Here in Greece, um, we have NOTHING. Nothing but each other, our families, our friends, and a really good school, albeit expensive, as in my son’s case.  I’m totally terrified of when the time will come for him to go to 1st grade, if he will even go to 1st grade with his fellow typically-developing peers.  Will he even be speaking by then? I’m getting a headache just thinking about it now and my heart is racing.  See, this is why I bake.  It keeps me from fighting with my husband and from being a grumpy mom to my wonderful babies. There’s your typical stress.  Then there’s autism stress. Like walking hand-in-hand down the street and knowing that if you let go he’ll run onto a car driving by.  There’s your typical messy house.  Then there’s the autism messy house.  Like this morning when my son started shredding the bread with this fingers and spreading the crumbs all over the carpet because it was providing a sensory thing for him.  He has a lot of those but thankfully the days of licking the counters are over!  The potty training days were certainly trying days.  We’re not 100% trained yet but we’re doing pretty good.  I actually bought another couch because I just couldn’t wipe and wash another poop off the cushions. So, yes it’s pretty bleak at times. But not always. This is Autism.

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