No Shoe, No Problem

Well, here we are on the bus and my little guy has only one shoe on.  It would be no shoe at all had it not been for the kind and brave woman who ran after us as we boarded the bus holding on to Panayioti’s one shoe and almost got run over by the bus driver.  It seems that during our brief, and brisk, walk to the bus stop his shoes came off one by one and I took no notice of that at all and he didn’t seem to mind, didn’t make any warning noises that would make me suspicious of anything weird going on.  In fact, the times I looked down at him while we were walking he was smiling.  Converse shoes are known to be a bit on the big side, I just never imagined that shoes would just slip off your feet without even the slightest sign. So here I am carrying Panayioti, his one shoe, his snacks, his schoolbag . . . to the Metro Station, and finally HOME!! I think I’m just about autism-ed out!! There isn’t the least bit of energy left in me for anything now, no drawing, no play-doh, no puzzles . . . I keep thinking that if this had happened to a typical kid they’d yell “hey mom, wait, my shoe came off!!” Ugh!! I just have to stop thinking like this though.  It’s not healthy.  Comparing a typical child with my autistic child is the biggest threat to my sanity.  Very, very unhealthy.  Stuffing my face with snacks seems to be the cure of choice at the moment.  It’s what I’m doing to deal with my stress and disappointment.  It’s not the shoes.  Which were expensive.  It’s the fact that he didn’t mind at all. He was shoeless and happy.  At least he was happy.

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