First Holiday Party came and went without a hitch!!

Last night we were invited to my friend Katharine’s Mulled Wine and Mince Pie Party (just a quick shout-out to my good friend Katharine who is an enthusiastic and dedicated reader of my blog – thank you!!) I must admit that initially I did think about leaving the little guy at my in-laws.  Of course I felt guilty for thinking this but his behavior was so agreeable that whole day that I’m glad we all went, as a family.  Just to get one thing straight: the very very few times we haven’t gone somewhere all together but have left Panayioti behind has been solely for his benefit.  Like all of us, he has his good days and his bad days.  I’m sure if he talked he’d voice his opinion of wanting to stay at home and just chill.  Yesterday was a good day.  At the party he didn’t exactly play with the other kiddos but he didn’t cover his ears either.  He was aloof, but that’s quite alright by me.  Except for the few times he climbed on the sofa and used some poor girl’s head to steady himself, he was on pretty good behavior. The yelling really only started towards the end when he was just really really tired from not having slept during the afternoon.  As soon as we were back home and he got into bed he was fast asleep.  This morning when he woke up with a smile and hugged me it just totally made my day!! This kid literally lights up my life, when he’s good.  When he’s happy, I’m ecstatic. On the down side though, when he’s kinda weird and totally out of sorts I’m totally freaking out. But hey, I’m a mom with feelings not a robot, right? Well, it’s been a pretty good weekend. I mean it started out sloppy what with the missing shoe and all but because I’ve regulated my voice to sound calm no matter what and I’ve also been calm and smiling, I think it’s rubbed off on Panayioti. Sometimes I feel like we have no excuse to feel agitated and mad.  By we, I mean parents of not so typical kids. No matter what’s going on in our lives, we owe it to our kids to always look calm and cool.  It’s tough but who cares? It’s so worth it ’cause the whole family dynamic is just skyrocketing blissfully happy when Panayioti is just plain happy.

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