Making nice.

On Sunday, following Saturday’s fierce quarrel, Kosta and I decided to take the kids down to the center of Athens and ride the Happy Train and go out to eat and just forget about our problems for one day. It was nice. The kids enjoyed it. Beba would not sit still at all during lunch ’cause she was too busy meeting and greeting people and my little man ate all his lunch and then we let him run like the wind at the National Garden. That’s all the boy wants at times. Kosta was being fussy about him running but I was like just let him be!! He wants to run on the grass and then sit down and pick the dirt and grass with his hands and smell it. What’s so wrong with that, honestly? Yeah it’s a sensory thing and it does look kinda weird, but it’s also funny when you think about it. My kids. So different. Beba has been trying her hand at speaking audible words for some time now.  When I offer her something and she doesn’t want it she’ll shake her head no and sometimes will even wiggle her little index finger at me.  Lately she’s also been saying yes when she wants something and of course when she pretends to be speaking on the phone. She’s at about 10 words which is brilliant for her age. But she’s got some headstrong genes in her alright.  No way this girl will ever be pushed around. She’s a fighter, not as carefree as Panayioti was at her age. Even before he regressed, he never cared about his toys and if some kid came and grabbed something out of his hands he was like ‘oh well’. I figured he’s a lover, not a fighter.  And if we told him not to do something he backed away. Lately though, he’s been ‘fighting’ for stuff with his sister.  If she has the tv control in her hands and he wants it he’ll make a play for it.  As soon as she screams though he backs away. Again, sensory.  He can’t stand the sound of babies/kids crying. I’m seeing progress in him though.  Little itty bitty signs of progress. Enough to keep me sane and at peace with the world. Enough to make me smile.

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