Ode to the man.

I never dreamt of the knight in shining armor nor the prince. I was pretty much content with guys that just made me laugh. That was all that was needed to get me hooked. Lately, I have come to realize that Kosta is showing signs of why I fell in love with him. He says little jokes when he comes home from work. Even jokes about himself. A little secret: after just a few months of dating Kosta I became pregnant and at the news of my pregnancy he was ecstatic, not freaked out one bit. So we got to know each other through the pregnancy months and then Panayioti as a baby and now to the present with a rambunctious baby girl and a little boy who is autistic. I’ve been really hard on him the past two years and complaining to anyone who’ll listen and on this blog that he doesn’t do enough. I’ve been complaining about his parenting skills.  I’ve asked for a divorce. I’ve wanted to murder him. Seriously. And then today I remember the day he locked himself in the bathroom and cried the day we got back from the public school my little boy was attending because his teachers basically told us that he is beyond help. Boy were they wrong. Panayioti hated it there but that’s another topic altogether. Kosta is the one who takes him to school every day and from what he tells me puts classical music on so that Panayioti will go there relaxed.  On Sundays he takes our little boy to Therapeutic Horsebackriding and last Sunday he even took the baby too so I could sleep in and relax a bit.  Last night he called me from a toy store and asked what he should buy the kids, what would Panayioti like? Every time he throws a ball at Panayioti I can sense his disappointment when Panayioti doesn’t throw the ball back but every now and then he will and then Kosta’s face totally lights up. He grabs him and pretend-wrestles with him which Panayioti loves and kisses him like crazy because he loves his son to death. I know he’s scared.  I know he’s worried.  He’s just not as vocal about his fears as I am. But I know he’ll stick around and I know he’s a rock when you need him.  I got off the phone a little while ago with a mom from Panayioti’s school. We arranged for a theater date for the kids since they both enjoy the theater and she casually informed me that she and her husband have split up. I felt really sad. I felt bad for the little boy.  Even though I complain that my husband doesn’t do enough around the house and when it comes to Panayioti and his approach a lot of times towards Panayioti, I would never want to go on this alone. So, thanks hubby. Thanks for paying the bills, the rent, the super market, the pizza delivery and not to mention my gym membership . . . 

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