It’s a wonder — and a blessing — that you were able to find and take this quiz. You’re running on empty, or is it more like barely running? Although you want to do your best for the person you’re caring for, realize that your own health is at stake — and if you don’t look out for Number One, you won’t be able to help the person or persons in your care.

I just took a Caregiver Burnout Quiz and you guessed it – I’m toast, burnt toast! This past week I’ve been feeling really down, feeling like I barely have the energy to do anything, like I’ve almost forgotten who I am and what my purpose is in life. It’s nearing March which means our social security coverage of Panayioti’s therapies is up and we have to be re-evaluated which is cause for great stress for me.  Having to sit for 3 hours and answer question after question and have my little man and me scrutinized by speech therapists, and child psychologists just so we can get a little piece of paper that justifies our therapies for our government funding (which is so little it’s a joke but something is better than nothing) is something which I dread every year. They sit there and ask you what you ‘re doing and then they actually ask why you’re doing what you’re doing? Oh, you’re doing music therapy? Yes. Why? Um, because my son is autistic and I heard that music therapy helps. A pause and awkward stare follow. Plus lately I’ve been feeling like I don’t give my little girl enough of my time and attention. The bickering with the husbad has also started again.  And to top it off I am experiencing stomach pains so strong I am literally doubled over which I don’t know if it’s really something or just my body’s way of telling me to relax. So, this is what caregiver burnout feels like. A term I never even heard of before but came across from reading another autism blog and had a “oh, so this is what this is” moment. What can you do?

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