In a not so (autism) friendly world.

3 thoughts on “In a not so (autism) friendly world.”

  1. Hello Georgia,

    This is the first time I ever read somebody’s blog, no mention to send a comment!!! So don’t be so strict, at least not this time!!!

    I want to thank you for the flattering way you have described me and Hector. The afternoon we spent with our kids was great and the incident in the cafeteria was not enough to spoil my good mood and time. You and Panagiotis are great and its nice to make new friends. Especially those friends, who have a deeper understanding of the most sensitive parts of the other’s life.

    Greek society is a very hypocritical and narcissistic one. Only recently people started to offer volunteer work and mostly because it’s being advertised. Before the crisis charity was either for the very wealthy as donators or the very poor as the receivers, but there was nothing between these two extremes. Descent people wanted to know the first but god prevents from contacting the later. It’s like somebody, a greater power, promised to Greeks that everything will be “normal” or “OK” or “perfect” in life for ever. There will be no disability, no inefficiency; nothing will go wrong in any way!! If you happen to be different (you or you kid) then you directly belong to the doom zone. People look at you strangely, pity you and mistreat you. You are not a person. You are your misery. Maybe you have a nice personality or progressive ideas. Maybe you have an added value or you can bring something new. Foremost you are the sick or the mom of the sick. Its striking that there is no lesson to be learned. It’s depressing how low level, narrow minded people live in the country that founded civilization.

    So hope we get to know each other more and arrange a whole more fun things together.


    1. Πέρη μου, τι να σου πω? Μόλις χθες πήγαμε στις κούνιες με τον Παναγιώτη μου και επειδή δεν είχε ελεύθερη κούνια που λατρέυει άρχισε ο μικρός τους διάφορους ήχους καταλαβαίνεις και μετά το πως με κοιτούσαν όλες οι άλλες μαμάδες δεν περιγράφετε, και τα ψιθυριστά φυσικά. Να σου πω ένα μυστικό? Επειδή μεγάλωσα στη Βοστόνη και γενικά βρίζουμε λιγουλάκι εκεί, πάντα μα πάντα όταν κάτι με νευριάζει ή κάτι πάει στραβά λέω μέσα μου “Fuck it”. Δεν μπορείς να αλλάξεις τον κόσμο και εννοείται πως δεν θα αλλάζαμε τα παιδιά μας με τίποτα οπότε λες ένα “Fuck it” και συνεχίζεις την ζωή σου. Αυτά. Ανυπομονώ να σας δω την Κυριακή!!


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