Our Newest Activity

I have to say right off the bat that unless my little man is constipated, sick, or hungry, he is almost always a smiling little guy. He loves it when you compliment him and give him your fullest attention and usually he’ll respond with a hug and kiss. So when he met his newest friend/therapist Lillia who straight away told him how gorgeous he is and what a good boy he is it didn’t take long for these two to hit it off. Every Tuesday for the past month we’ve been staying behind after school is over so that I, too, can participate and learn about Veronica Sherborne’s developemental techiniques, the Orff musical approach, and Thai massage, among other things. Lillia is trained in all these things and in general she reminds me a lot of a friend of mine back in Boston. She’s active, she’s a great listener, she’s calm, she’s just a cool person. And she’s a yogi so she has a slightly different approach to life which I must say is kind of rubbing off on me because I’ve been really stressed out lately. As soon as he sees her, he takes he hand and they enter the room together. The bottom line is that with this new activity I’ve seen a huge difference in Panayioti. I don’t want to get too enthused but I cannot hide the fact that my little guy is a lot calmer, happier, and more willing to do stuff with the family and especially his little sister. Right before we began yesterday I told Lillia that he hadn’t gone to the toilet for almost a week and immediately she began some massages on his belly and back which she said will help to soften his stool and bring about bowel movements. Well, as soon as we got home my little man went straight to the toilet!! I guess I am one parent always willing to try new things. Whenever I hear about something, anything, that will help, a new type of therapy, a different approach, I am the first to sign up. Although I don’t exactly have the funds to back me up, I always manage. Recently I heard about swimming lessons designed especially for kids on the spectrum and you best believe that Panayioti will be there waiting in line to jump in the pool, though he probably won’t be smiling then because of his fear of getting wet. 

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