Gluten-Free Lunch Idea

Gluten-Free Lunch Idea

I love pasta. I love spaghetti. I love pennes, linguine, tagliatelles, pasta shells, the works! There’s no nice way to say this: gluten free pasta sucks! It tastes horrible. Case closed. Never in a million years would I willfully choose to eat gluten free pasta had it not been for Panayioti’s autism diagnosis. Now, there’s no scientific evidence that points to eating a diet free of gluten helps 100% but I have noticed a serene calmness and overall happiness in my son the past week and a half since we’ve started. Well, flipping through this month’s Parents (Greece) magazine I came across a fairly easy recipe with just 3 ingredients: pasta (250gr), zucchini (5) and garlic (3 cloves). Love all three, and so do my kids. I, of course, swapped the regular pasta with gluten free and the outcome came out rather tasty and light. I mean I did take a penne piece as it was boiling to check for readiness and it tasted gross. But then, after the addition of olive oil, salt and pepper and the garlic and zucchini it tasted awesome. Just like regular pasta. I guess this too we will get used to. Everything in life is all about getting used to things. Everything.

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