Therapeutic Listening and table work

Therapeutic Listening and table work

When I first started this blog it was to write about my life, our life, dealing and living with autism, to let people know what types of therapies were doing, how we’re functioning and staying happy and sane. It’s tough raising kids, even kids who aren’t on the spectrum. I don’t ever want to say to friends of mine who are raising their typically-developing kids and complaining that so-and-so doesn’t eat or doesn’t listen to them ‘hey, you have it easy because I have wayyyy more difficulties to deal with’. I don’t ever want to say that because I don’t really feel like that. A friend of mine said to me the other day that I have a ‘cross to bear’. I didn’t respond but all week it’s been bugging me. I DO NOT consider my son a burden, I do not consider the half hour or so per day that we sit down at a table and solve puzzles, and play dominos some sort of cross that I have to bear, to put up with. I know she meant well, but she pissed me off. I hate thinking that people who know of our situation see me on the street and they smile and we talk small-talk and then they go on their way feeling bad for me. No way!! That is not what this blog is about. If anything, this blog was started so that people can realize that everything in life can be dealt with. I am not to be pitied in any way, shape or form. You can leave those feelings at the door when you come over my house. When you step into my house you will se a lot, and I mean a lot, of toys, organization and signs on doors and rooms indicating what each room is for and what each door is for. There is a sign on Panayioti’s bedroom that shows a boy sleeping which reads “sleep” and so on. My house is for my son. Anything I can do which will help him I will. There. I got that off my chest so now I can go on and say that Panayioti is absolutely the most perfect kid lately. I met with the school child psychologist/family therapist and he basically said “whatever it is you’re doing, keep on doing it because he’s improved immensely”. Am I gloating? A bit. I am just one proud mommy. Us mommies of kids on the spectrum get all excited about the littlest accomplishments I know. Especially me. I am just that kind of person. So today allow me to just be happy and really stress how important it is for the home to be the number one place of therapy in an autistic child’s life. Yeah, you need a good school, or rather a school that suits and matches your child’s personality and I can safely and surely say that we’ve hit gold in that aspect. Panayioti loooves his school, his teachers, his surroundings and it’s shown in his behavior. But if it weren’t for how we are at home, as a family, none of that would matter. It would be like building a bridge in the morning and at night breaking it down. That was some rant!

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    Let’s see: music therapy, play therapy, vision therapy, dog therapy, therapeutic listening, therapeutic horseback riding, special ed swimming, special Olympics, PECS, ABA, TEACCH, GF/CF diet and of course occupational and speech therapy! You name it, we’ve tried it. Someone mentioned hypnotherapy to me but that seems kind of kooky, at the moment at least . . .


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