Panayioti’s Room

Panayioti's Room

For the looongest time I’ve been in search of a bigger house, or at least a bigger kid’s room for my son. I want him to be able to play in his room and have fun and not really want to leave. To get enough sensory stimulation and input that he doesn’t need to jump and run all the time all over the rest of the house. Our last house was big enough but it didn’t have all the amenities we were in need of like boiler, and solar heating panels, etc. So I finally found a friend to go to IKEA with and I bought him a just few little things (If I bought what I really wanted I’d be way off budget so I just stuck to some basics): a canopy thingy that you see there that looks sort of like a circus-y entrance and a pouf. He loved them!!! I wasn’t so sure he would but he went crazy, especially for the pouf. He kept falling on it, as his therapist told me he would, so that he could get stimulated (he loves physical stimulation). I’m hoping that during my next trip to IKEA I’ll have enough cash for all the other goodies I’m stuck thinking about now 🙂

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