All my worries laid to rest. Well, at least some of them.

2 thoughts on “All my worries laid to rest. Well, at least some of them.”

  1. That’s amazing! My 2 1/2 year old son has been diagnosed with autism. I’m pregnant with our second son now. I feel bad for saying it but when I found out it was a boy I cried and cried, I know the chances are greater that if your second child is a boy that he could have it. I’m just so worried. But I’m hopeful this one will be “typical”. It’s so hard seeing my son struggle. He loves other kids, he’s going to be a great big brother! We made the choice to have a second child because we love kids, we love our son and we want him to have a sibling, a friend for life.


    1. Hi Melissa! Your baby will be fine, don’t worry. The chances of a sibling, even a brother, having autism are slim and I think keeping a positive outlook helps as well. I was 100% positive throughout my whole pregnancy with Maria that she would not be autistic. It is so, so hard to see our kids struggle, especially ASD kids, because you know deep down as a parent that your child can achieve anything but his wiring is different and that’s why everything is so hard. He’s going to love his brother and trust me, the baby will help immensely especially as he gets older. I think all ASD kids should have siblings. Siblings help them deal with their surroundings because they somehow understand them better than anyone, even us parents.


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