Is it me?

Last Saturday my husband, at my urging, went to the movies with a friend of his. I told him they should go out for drinks too but they didn’t. He was gone around 4 hours. My in-laws were worried I wouldn’t be able to handle the kids, or that Panayioti would scream and stuff and little Miss would be rowdy. They were worried, I wasn’t. I wasn’t because for some strange reason when it’s just me or just the three of us (Maria, Panayioti and I) he is the calmest little kid you’ll ever meet. When he’s with me he’s a much better kid. He doesn’t throw things, doesn’t put stuff in his mouth, doesn’t shriek . . . doesn’t do any of that stuff which upsets his dad and forces him to get up off his bum and play with him. So when Kosta came home and Panayioti was fast asleep, and so was the baby, and I told him what I good boy he was how well-behaved, he asked me “is it me?” I don’t know why but I think it is. Panayioti is always seeking his dad’s attention. Just seems to crave it constantly and the only way he knows how to do that is to misbehave. Ok, he misbehaves with me too but I know why, I’ve come to understand the signs.

This morning for example, after I made lunch (avgolemono soup – I’m sick) I told my husband we should take the kids to the playground and come back just as the soup has cooled off and it’ll be lunchtime. So off we went but on the way there and throughout the whole time we were at the swings my little man was sort of clingy. Hugging me, reaching his hands up so that I could pick him up, putting his hands over his ears at times. Back at home he didn’t want the soup, or the chicken burgers from yesterday. He just wanted gum. Just to chew gum and make loud jungle-man sounds. Kosta yelled at him to stop screaming and I stupidly asked what’s wrong. And then I found him covered completely with the blanket we keep in the living room just for him, and laying on the floor. Verdict: he’s sick, low-grade fever, runny nose. I probably gave it to him. This is why he’s been acting ‘funny’. Poor baby . . . So after how well we did last Saturday I’m hoping my husband will go out again tonight. I’ll put a DVD in or maybe we’ll watch that singing/dancing show on Alpha, order/make pizza and just chill. Sometimes it seems easier to handle things when there are less people around.

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