Ok, I’m going to have to apologize.

Since my last post, which I guess I was right in stating that it was going to come off as a cry for help, some people have called to check up on me and see if I’m ok and I just want to say thank you, I am fine. I am putting one foot in front of the other and getting what needs to be done and smiling too, sincerely smiling. Today there was no poop smearing, no meltdown, no tantrum (haven’t really had those in a while to be honest), nothing really. Just your typical non-typical day. I took my little girl to the park so that Panayioti could go to the super market with his grandad. Then we switched like we do every afternoon so little Miss can nap and the little guy can siren uninterrupted. After finishing up some chores I took the little guy to his favorite park equipped with our soccer ball. Well wouldn’t you know it but a few boys approached him so they could play ball and I felt like kicking myself for not bringing my camera with. He was so cute! They were older boys obviously so they knew how to play and manipulate the ball but he really tried to keep up with them. At some point he gave up and just sat down and started pulling at the grass, number 2 on his list of favorite sensory activities, after poop smearing 🙂 Then at the swings he pointed to the big slide and off he went, even using the rope to get up instead of the stairs. Except for the few grunts and high-pitched sounds coming out of his mouth everything else about him seemed ‘normal’. We went and got dessert after and I had to keep him from taking bites of the biscuits and then putting them back on the shelf (why do they have them exposed like that?) which I didn’t manage quite well. To the person who finds a half-eaten biscuit in their bag: I’m truly sorry. Of course as soon as we passed McDonald’s he ran inside and went straight to the game room. There was a birthday party going on though so we didn’t stay but as we were leaving, he grabbed a fry from someone’s plate. Oh well. You snooze, you lose. So, there you have it. My boy poops and I try frantically to keep him from smearing it and from going insane at the sight of it, but other than that, we’re fine. Thank you, really, thank you.

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