When he’s quiet there’s usually water involved.

When he's quiet there's usually water involved.

All day long I hear alienese (what I like to call the sounds that come out of Panayioti’s mouth: the didi’s, the lala’s, the humm’s, the siren-like sounds, the george of the jungle sounds, the list goes on and on). But there are moments where it’s eerily quiet, at least in terms of alienese. Usually the sound of running water accompanies these ‘quiet’ moments. This is what I came to find him doing today. One more second and he would’ve gotten in the small sink. I suppose he felt the laundry detergent needed a washing too. The water is scalding too! Heat does not affect my little super hero. We should start calling him Achilles. He can touch hot water, hot pans, burning stovetops, lit up candles even blowdryers and will not so much as blink.

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