How a simple argument can turn into an all-out brawl.

I’m going to just put the blame on exhaustion. Exhaustion from having to keep an autistic toddler constantly occupied with something or else! Or else he’ll scream, run back and forth, put his hands into his pants, and just make a mess. So yesterday around 5 I suggested we all get ready to go out for a stroll. To get out of the house because the screams were driving everyone insane! Sure, hubby agrees and goes to get dressed but then for some strange reason he decided to put the laundry in, to separate his blacks from his whites and so on. Why? Why man? So it’s only natural that I start the bickering and whining. Right? I mean, he’s not deaf nor blind. He can see that our little guy is in need of a change of surrounding and I’m about to pull every hair off my head one by one from listening to his shrills. He yelled first, though. I may have whined and told him to get ready at once, but he yelled first. Anyway. It got bad. So bad our little girl started crying and Panayioti had his hands over his ears, but smiling, which he does I’m sure unintentionally. I plopped both kids on the stroller and headed for the square. I bought them sweets and let them ride the merry-go-round thingys at least 10 times. Then after almost losing Panayioti in the crowd because he ran from me, sprinted like a Marathon runner really, I figured it was time to come home. I was beyond exhaustion. And when I did there were no apologies exchanged just one little request from me. We’re both adults. I don’t want our kids, Maria especially, to be subjected to such arguments. Arguments which include objects being thrown back and forth. So, if we both realize it’s not working out, let’s end it. That’s all I ask of him. He just walked out of the room. That was his response.

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