Waiting on the biscuits!

Waiting on the biscuits!

Can’t say that the little guy was behaving himself, but he couldn’t help it! He was hungry and mama is a perfectionist sometimes when it comes to cooking and serving. It’s a ritual for me, everything has to be perfect because half the taste is in the presentation right? I gave you guys the recipe for the fried chicken so below is the recipe for the mashed potatoes, super easy: http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/tyler-florence/velvety-mashed-potatoes-recipe.html

For my Grean Bean salad what I do is boil up some green beans (frozen) then drain them. Then I melt 4 tbsp. of butter and throw in some garlic cloves, garlic powder, red pepper flakes and some salt. I put the green beans back in the pan and voila! Super yummy!!!

Soul Food Day

Soul Food Day

My father-in-law scolded me, as he often likes to do for just about anything, because he said I am always cooking ‘difficult’ food. But this wasn’t difficult, just a little time consuming. Still, the end result was absolutely worth it! Scrumptious, delicious, the real thing basically. I mean, do you really trust the chicken over at KFC? I don’t!! You can check out the recipe here: http://food52.com/recipes/28160-big-mama-s-fried-chicken
If you’re ever craving southern food like I am this recipe will not disappoint. Enjoy!

It’s been a good couple of weeks.

I’ve mentioned before that when the little guy is out of sorts and into his zone that sends me into a depressing downward spiral and everywhere I look I see negativity, in everything. Everything is bleak, dark and ugly. But when he’s good, he’s good. And when my little man wakes up smiling I know he’ll have a great day, which means we ALL will have a great day. It’s been like this, waking up smiling, cooperative, not too too loud, eating by himself, the past couple of weeks. Inside I know something will happen and we’ll have our off days again but at the same time it just feels different this time. Like he’s maturing somehow. He’ll be 5 soon so maybe, just maybe, his brain is somehow refiling everything in the correct place and order. I know I may sound dumb right now to someone reading this who may know more about autism than I do but is it possible that my boy could be progressing and by progressing I mean actually on the verge of a major breakthrough?? Yesterday during OT he said these words: water, Miss, and look. Now he may’ve said them a bit ‘weird’ but he said them. Plus his toilet training success is beyond what we’ve expected. He doesn’t even tell me sometimes, just goes by himself, sits on the toilet seat and everything. I’ve found that the key to that success is of course rewarding him big time!! Let him do/eat/lick whatever the heck he wants as long as he poops in the toilet all is well with the world!! Some of you may remember the poop smearing days and how absolutely devastating that was for me. So this milestone, this achievement that my boy has almost mastered, this is huge!! 🙂

I want to break free

I want to break free

Let’s make a collage I tell Panayioti today after we had our lunch and immediately he lets out a long “eeee” sound and runs to hide behind the curtains in the bedroom. Ok you can play, I say to him, while I get everything organized. As I gather the materials and let him play with this elastic band he’s been playing lately or his marbles I think about what collage are we going to make? A family. A mom, a dad, a boy and a girl. Like us. I’m rummaging through the magazines and it’s taking me longer than I thought it would because I can’t find people that resemble us the most. Aha! Jessica Alba is a fave of mine and so is David Beckham, so there you go! The mom and dad are complete. Two smiling kids and we’re done!But after crumpling the pages, which he loves to do, Panayioti was not really into pasting and sticking the pictures where I was showing him. He was making “let me go mama” sounds. And “I want to break free” was playing on the radio. Perfect!

Check out this first time dad!

Check out this first time dad!

I’ve mentioned in a previous post that Kosta and I got started pretty quickly. We basically got to know one another while at the same time were expecting our first child together. Not many people can do that, and do it successfully. This a picture from when the little guy was about 3 months old. We ventured downtown and took him to see the sights, the Acropolis, etc. All I can think when I think back to those days is how clueless we were. Clueless and happy. But we’re happy now too. Our little guy is doing great lately, very happy, cheerful, playful, friendly, social, all the positive traits that a little kid can have. But he’s still non-verbal and still has moments where he cries because what he needs/wants is not being understood by us.