Who doesn’t want to play with shaving foam?

Who doesn't want to play with shaving foam?

Today I got a list from Panayioti’s OT. About 20 things to do to keep him occupied, sensory-wise. My kid is not a TV watcher, never was. So, afternoons when it’s really quiet because most people are taking their afternoon siestas the little guy and I are always up to no good 🙂 Today I am determined to do every single thing on the list starting with playing with shaving foam. He looooved it!! He couldn’t believe it, he kept looking at me with this sly smile of his probably thinking: mama you’re letting me play with this?! Yay! But seriously, who wouldn’t want to? It’s soft, it’s supple, it smells great (Panayioti even tasted some of it) and it’s FUN!

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