A quickie (post).

Sand, shaving foam, playdoh, soap, body cream, finger paint . . . just a few of the things my boy put in his mouth, and ate, this past weekend. But he was such a good boy, especially on Mother’s Day. And then this morning he woke with the biggest smile, ready to go to school. As I was putting his shoes on he grabbed a toy that was lying around to play/fidget with and there comes his little sis and grabs it out of his hand, like she always does. I tell her “give it back Maria. Panayioti was playing with it!” and I forcefully take it out of her hand and give it back to him. But as I did I look into his face to see his expression and you know what he did? He looked at her with compassion and almost as if he felt bad for her. He extended the toy back to her. He’s so giving, my boy. Because she was having a fit, crying and being all melodramatic he figured it’s not worth the fuss. Here sis, you can have it 🙂 So maybe I think these two will learn from each other, afterall. Panayioti will teach his sis how to share and have compassion, and little Maria will teach Panayioti how to take the world by storm!

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