Miss M’s role

Miss M's role

One person I don’t write about often is my little girl, Maria (or Marie as I like to call her when it’s just the two of us). I don’t write about her often because she is the one, and only, constant in my life; never changes. Wakes up early, and happy, just like her mommy, is on the go basically all day long, an extrovert, pays attention to detail, loves meeting new people but is shy the first couple of minutes upon meeting them. She is also very dynamic, as a lot of people have pointed out to me lately. She is, for obvious reasons, very different from her brother. One thing that has struck me lately in their differences is how much of a strong-willed person she has turned out to be. And not always in a good way. She has always demanded toys from other kids, always grabbed whatever toy tickled her fancy even if someone else was playing with it, it’s just that lately she’s been doing that all too too often and most times to her brother. Last Sunday while visiting a friend of mine with both kids Maria attempted to force Panayioti out of a toy car that he had gotten into ( the Fred Flintstone Little Tikes car) and he lunged at her. Scratched her eye, her nose and her cheek. Did I scold him? No. She had it coming. All day long she had been badgering him, he couldn’t pick up one single toy without Maria going into a rage and making a play for it, and succeeding! Usually he’s ok with this from her, he just shrugs his shoulders and moves on to something that he hopes, I’m sure, she won’t be interested in like an elastic band. I hope this will pass, I do see it in other little kids, it’s a very typical behavior I suppose. I just expected her to be more sensitive when it comes to her brother. I’m sure, with the right guidance from us, she will learn to share. But, for now, it’s a war zone at home.

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