I laughed so hard I cried.

It’s always good to get out of the house, sans kids. To get out and meet people, nice people, funny people. Even weird people. I had the opportunity to work for just three days at a convention taking place in a swanky and luxurious hotel in Athens. The hours weren’t too long, the pay was crap, but still it gave me the chance to get up and out of my sweats and into some nice clothes for a change. To get dollied up, a bit. And at this event I met some very interesting people. People that made me laugh so hard I was literally doubled over and very much close to tears. Just in case he’s reading this, I won’t say what he said that was so funny that made me both cringe and cry with laughter. It takes a special kind of talent to do that though. This person, that made me laugh so hard, is another parent and our kids are close in age. It’s funny but he is the only person I’ve met so far that when I told him about my son’s ASD said “I hate it when kids [have something]”. You know!! That’s how I’ve always felt whenever I’ve heard about kids being sick, with anything!! I’ve never thought about the parents and how hard it must be for them, because you know what? It sucks for the kids the most!! I of course had no intention of mentioning anything personal to anyone but for some reason, his and my experiences as parents just seemed to click. And when I mentioned I write a blog I felt I would be half-lying if I didn’t mention what my blog was about. In any case, the pharmaceutical group of guys (all Indian) I was helping out with hostessing was cool too, except for maybe one guy that just seemed to go out of his way to give me stuff to do they were all pretty decent. I got to learn some Indian culture stuff I didn’t know about which was interesting, like Indian guys all dye their hair black until they get married because white/grey hairs are considered extremely unattractive for single young (Indian) women. Some, even after they’re married. As I looked around at the 10-12 men surrounding me it struck me just how black, and shiny, their hair was. This little bit of info could only mean that George Clooney must be at the bottom of the sexiest men alive list in India. I’m telling you, it was fun, I was cracking up laughing. Plus, I got told I was pretty at least 5 times per day and that’s always a good thing, right? 

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