Sometimes your ASD kid is easier than your NT kid.

Just so you know, NT stands for neurotypical. Meaning, typical kids. I didn’t even know that until a couple of months ago. I was reading other peoples’ blogs saying NT this and NT that and I was like wtf? what does that mean? And then I looked it up, or somebody put the long version in parenthesis. In any case, sometimes my son (who has ASD) is wayy easier to handle than my typical rambunctions 18 month old daughter. Way easier. Like today. She refuses to wear other shoes other than her worn out Nikes. I went and bought her two pairs of shoes, one for every day around the house crocs and one pair of kinda fancy, definitely not sneakers, shoes. She ain’t havin’ it!! She yelled and screamed and turned turnip red. Even threw them as far as she could with her chubby little hands. This is definitely not the case with my little guy. He loves shoe shopping. You can try 20 different pairs of shoes on him and he won’t whine or complain once. Same thing with clothes. But Maria, once she’s dressed, she’s dressed. There’s no changing your mind or putting something else on, even if she gets dirty. Nope. What am I going to do? Return the shoes and get something for her brother? I think I may have to.

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