Hey Autism, You Suck!!

Maybe I could have titled this post differently but it’s what passed through my mind today. Here’s why: Panayioti and I are playing with play-doh and the phone rings. It’s very simple, really. I asked him if he could pick it up for me. He could hear it ringing. He went and stood right by it. He picked it up. And sniffed it. I said in that very simple, slow, ABA style sing-songy voice “Panayiotaki, bring mommy the phone”. Nothing. Then I tried “Panayioti, phone, mama”. Still nothing. Just kept on sniffing it until the phone stopped ringing. Later on, I asked him if he wanted juice and he ran towards the kitchen. That’s good I thought. After I squeezed the oranges I asked him to bring me a cup from the cupboard. He looked in the garbage. “No, Panayioti” I said and pointed to the cupboard that’s at his eye level. “Cup”. He opened the cupboard and brought me not one, but two cups. That made me smile. Maybe he wants me to have some too I thought. It’s not a disorder I read somewhere, referring to autism, but a different processing system. This processing system is blocking Panayioti’s way of understanding commands/requests. I get it. I understand. I am not mad, especially not at my sweet boy. It just sucks is all.

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