Got autism on the brain among other things.

I don’t know why but I was feeling really weird yesterday. As if my mind and body were not fully coordinated. I actually felt like I was acting and looking like a ‘weirdo’. The words out of my mouth felt as if they weren’t coming out right, like I was making wrong impressions on people. It was just a weird, weird day. And what made it even more weird was the fact that my little girl got attacked by another little girl at the park. Just to get one thing straight: I am a pretty cool mama. I don’t bother my kids too too much when we’re out. I let them be. If they want to go and pet a stray cat or dog I let them. Gasp! I can sense other Greek parents look at me like I’m some kind of dirty lunatic but I don’t really care. I also let them hang with whatever kid they fancy. My little girl whenever we go out approaches other little kids she likes and hangs out with them for as much as she likes. If she doesn’t like some kid she just won’t chill with them. It’s as simple as that. That’s as far as her toddler diplomacy goes. Unlike grownups, kids don’t talk or hang with people they don’t really care for. So we’re there at Bakoyianni Park where we go almost on a daily basis and she’s hanging with an older girl she likes while I’m chatting away with another mommy when I hear Maria shriek and run towards me. The girl she’s hanging out with is named Maria as well and what she does totally stuns me. She runs after my Maria and pulls her by the arm really fiercely and then when my Maria won’t budge she proceeds to pull her finger. Weird no? I pull Maria up in my arms and I’m like “what happened? why are you two fighting?” The older Maria doesn’t say a word. Oh well, right? Wrong! A few minutes later as my Maria is climbing up the stairs to go down a slide the other Maria swiftly goes up the stairs, pinches my Maria and steals her turn on the slide. What a weird little girl. She has always been a hitter, this girl. For the past year that we’ve been going to these swings I’ve seen her bite, kick, push almost every single kid within her radius. But never my Maria. Not Until now. So I told her dad who had no idea what was going on because he was over by the kiosk talking with his buddies. He just shrugged it off as kids being kids and that’s probably what it is. It’s just that I think about my little guy and his ASD every other second of the day, all day long. Now I’m worrying about my Maria and this incident and what impression it left on her and what impression do all acts of violence leave on all little kids. Am I just being weird?

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