Dealing with the heat

Dealing with the heat

It is so freaking hot lately! The little guy is about to start taking swimming lessons again, he has his first lesson today at 1pm so I’ve been letting him play with water and the little tiny baby pool that we have to get sort of acquainted I guess. What he does though is let all the water out of the baby pool, get down on his hands and knees and splash the water around. Looks like fun, doesn’t it? 🙂 I hope he does ok at the pool today. I of course will let you guys know how it goes because it’s a special needs swimming pool so we’re very excited! I say swimming lessons again because when he was a baby we took baby swimming lessons which he didn’t care for so much;cried at pretty much every lesson so about a month in we stopped going. In general, Panayioti doesn’t have the best relationship with the water when it comes to the beach and the pool. But water splashed on the balcony, taking showers, and dunking his hands into every glass of water that he sees –  that he loves!!

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