Men don’t cry.

Right. That’s what I overheard being said to a little boy around 5 years old today on the street. I’m not a child psychiatrist but I’m pretty sure that’s not the right way to stop a little boy from crying. Especially if he’s in pain, real pain. The boy in question was actually shoved by another kid at the playground earlier and fell on some type of branch, a bike or rock. No one knows really, not even the parents, because no one was paying attention. I was at the swings too along with Marie and our cousin Maritina and so after hearing the little boy repeatedly ask for help and howl and ask for his mom because he was scared and hurt and his grandmother wasn’t all that helpful or affectionate I decided it was time to get going. But as we were leaving so was the hurt boy with his granny. And right there on the street as he continued to cry and say repeatedly how much in pain he was, because he was bleeding afterall, his grandmother said the statement that I’ve heard countless and countless times before being said here in Greece: Men don’t cry. Aside from being a false statement, the most untrue of statements, what does that do to the little boy’s self-esteem? Like I’ve stated above, I’m not a child psychiatist so I can’t answer my own question. But, really, why are we so obsessed with toughening up our males, huh? Man, this is going to become a rant so I’ll just stop now. It’s too hot out today to philosophize really. I just hope he’s okay now and snuggled up to his mommy and taken to a hospital or a doctor at least. Like Panayioti’s school director/child psychologist told us last week: no child was harmed from too much LOVE 🙂

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