Last summer’s ‘vacation’ in Tinos

Last summer's 'vacation' in Tinos

Last summer, as a sort of pilgrimage, we went to the island of Tinos with Panayioti (hubby, Panayioti and I, without the baby). We took little day trips around the island visiting picturesque villages. We stayed at a fancy schmancy resort. We dined at some of the best tavernas. We, of course, paid our respects to Our Lady of Tinos, one of the most acclaimed miracle working icons and monasteries in all of Greece.
We DID NOT have fun. My boy reacted to the change in surroundings, and his reaction could be heard throughout the island. But I truly want to go back again this year, third year in a row, because I’ve come to absolutely love Tinos. “We’ll see”, hubby says. Keeping my fingers crossed!!

Just to clarify, I did not ask him to pose like that. It seems my little sensory seeker was feeling for ancient vibes through the marble columns there. Love it!

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