At least it’s not poop!

There’s a new ‘fruit’, as we say in Greek, these past couple of days and it’s a sensory one alright. Dirt. I recently bought a few plants and carefully arranged them on one side of my balcony. I can’t leave the little guy alone with them. He will pull at their leaves and scatter the dirt everywhere. He does this in, literally, nanoseconds. The picture doesn’t truly do justice to the amount of dirt that was everywhere the day in question. I looked at the balcony, I looked at him with dirt on his face and his clothes and to be completely honest, I had to keep from laughing! I thought he looked cute 🙂 But I did tell him that it was wrong to do that and gave him a bath. I just have to try to block access a bit better, but it will be hard. He does this when he goes over to grandpa’s as well. I’m telling you, he’s going to be a construction worker!

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