Doing his chores.

If he looks somewhat tired it’s because he helped me with taking the dirty clothes from the hamper, putting them in the washing machine and then once the washing machine was done, get this, he put them in the basket and took the basket out to the balcony ALL BY HIMSELF. And these weren’t one or two items. No way! This was a whole bunch. Ok, I didn’t have him hang the clothes. Today he did chores. Not his chores, but mine! He didn’t watch me, he did them himself. Wish I had pictures to show you, and to prove it, but I was just too beside myself to make the dash for my cell, or my camera. He listened to me and didn’t whine eiter. I’ve been keen on ‘making’ him help me lately. Last week it was helping me with the bags of groceries all the way from the super market. Getting those fine motor skills all reved up for when we start to write. What will I have him do next?? 🙂

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