The Proud Autism Parent

Last week was the little guy’s end of year school show and it was something that I was looking forward to all month. Let’s just say that I was BEAMING with pride! My little guy, who will turn 5 on the 10th of this month, is non-verbal. Being non-verbal and participating fully in a school show is a biggie for him, for us, for non-verbal autistic children everywhere. He followed along, took part, acted out his ‘lines’, he even started the show actually!Stood there with his sweet little smile and took his partner, S, by the hand and danced and hugged and kissed her, all the while following his teacher’s guide. Wow! I had the hugest smile plastered across my face the whole entire time. I wanted to run up to him and hug and smother him with kisses, which I did as soon as the show was over. I told him over and over again how proud I was of him and he looked at me and smiled. He understands, he gets it. How lucky are we, I told my husband last night, that we live in Greece where we have the ability to send our autistic son to a private school that’s on par with special-ed schools in the States. Yeah it’s expensive and yes there’s lots that we’re behind in like grants for iPads and service dogs, but something tells me that it won’t be long until Greece offers these services too. I see pictures of autistic kids in some far-off villages in India, or Indonesia and my heart breaks. Kids like my little boy sent off to live in institutions. All you have to do is give these kids a chance and they will AMAZE you. I was trying to explain to my sister the school play and P’s involvement and why I was so proud and happy and just plain giggly a few hours later and I don’t know if she truly got it. Parents of NT kids are proud too because their kids have lines and they don’t need their teachers up on stage to guide them. I’ve been to countless typical school plays, I know the drill. But this was different. This was different for me, at least, because I’m the proud mommy of a non-verbal moderate functioning almost 5 year old.

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