Did I mention I started working?

Oh it’s not anything grand, or special, or super wow, or anything really fancy but in this day n’ age, and in this economic crisis, it’s sort of like a miracle really. There is so much competition out there, so many people vying for a job, any job, some people with degrees and a lot of people without degrees and lots of single women without ‘strings’ which in Greece means kids and husbands to take care of. But here I am, almost 35, with two kids, one of which is special needs (which I mentioned in my third interview – mostly because I was sort of fed up to be called in for yet another interview and kinda wanted to push their buttons) and a husband to take care of. I need the money bad though, we all do. Who doesn’t need money, right? Only if you live in some sort of bubble can you not be in need of cash right now, especially in Greece. And I’ve been sort of lucky this year. Yeah I was broke a lot of times and borrowed money, mostly from my sis-in-law whom I always paid back, who’s got tons and probably is one of the very very few people not affected by the crisis thanks to her shrewd money-saving skills from a little girl basically, but I’ve been lucky, way lucky. I still went out with my kids, I still bought them stuff, and managed to fulfill my Sephora addiction to high-priced creams, perfumes and lipsticks, I still kept my monthly manicure/pedicre appointment, we still went out for dinner and ordered out and stuff. We still made it this year on one income alone and didn’t touch any of our savings, what with all the therapies Panayioti has going on. I mean, we took OT to once a week instead of two and I was his OT at home, basically doing his therapies for 1 1/2 hours every day to make up for that but nothing changed in Panayioti in a bad way. He didn’t regress. If anything, he improved. So, mommy not working and not having tons of money didn’t affect my kids. Husband whined a bit though, because he hates being late in paying our maintenance bill lest the superintendent sees us in the hall or at the entrance and makes some sort of embarassing comment like “when are you going to pay your bills?” and stuff. But, oh well, we’re two months behind in that. And Eurobank keeps badgering me ’cause I haven’t paid my credit cards since January. Again, oh well 🙂 These things don’t affect me. I probably wouldn’t have paid even if I did have a job. But I do now. So maybe I will go in when I get paid at the end of the month and give something their way. But mostly my first month’s pay is going to go to P’s school which I’m behind in, for the first time mind you, and maybe buy a new dress for work 🙂 I’m nervous though to be working full-time and not seeing my kids as much and trying to be perfect at everything but I’m giving it my all because I want to impress my boss and prove that I can make it even with all my ‘strings’. Just once this week my flight instinct kicked in and I wanted to make a run for it during my lunch break. I kept thinking: what would happen if I just took the Metro home right now, right in the middle of my working day? The old Georgia, no strings attached Georgia, would so do it. Especially on Thursday when, without any training whatsoever, I was asked to do things, draw up documents that I had no idea as to how to even begin constructing. I told hubby this and he just looked at me like he didn’t recognize me. “You can’t quit”, he says to me. “You have kids”. So that’s it basically. I got a job and I should be happy and grateful, which I am because it’s a really nice job, no heavy lifting or serving. A nice office job for some high-profile people, that pays well considering we’re right smack in the middle of a recession/depression. I am super lucky, indeed.

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