I felt so bad for him today.

My hubby. I felt really bad for him. I was annoyed too, but mostly I felt bad. We were invited over another autism mommy’s house today after work. Previously we had declined for some reason I can’t remember now but this time I really looked forward to it. She has a daughter that goes to the same school as P and they seem to really hit it off. I left straight after work and since it was near I decided to walk there and hubby would meet up with me there with the kids. Which basically means that after he gets off work instead of coming home and strutting about the house shirtless and shoeless like he likes to do, he has to pick up both kids from his parents, strap them in the car and drive down to the center in crazy rush-hour traffic and pick up a present on the way, too! A tall order for my husband. He is not the most social person on the planet and he’s made huge steps the past 6 years that we’re together. To go to another person’s house that he has never met before is HUGE for him, even if it is for a just a playdate. And to top it off he was the only dad there and that sort of pissed him off, and I totally understand. Plus his immense fear of heights and the fact that the apartment was on the 5th floor with barely a kiddie fence installed was just too much for him. Yes, he was panicky and nervous and fidgety. He couldn’t relax and kept chasing after Panayioti. And I’m pretty sure that Panayioti picked up on all these negative vibes and was rambunctious and hyper on purpose! 

On the ride back home hubby was certain that the other dad didn’t show up not because of work but because he didn’t want to show up. And I thought about our awkward and sort of stressful playdate and I realized that maybe he was right. I mean, we’re sort of autism newbies, but I have yet to meet an autism dad. It’s all about the moms. Where are the dads hiding? 

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