You know how he was last summer? Well, there’s no relation!!

I’m in too good a mood to relive the painful memories of last summer with my little guy. But, let me briefly fill you in: the constant siren sounds/shrieking, which would even spike up in the evening, the constant moving around, the no control of movement and gestures, the spitting/saliva playing, the 2-week long constipation, the lack of control when it came to bowel movements, the total and absolute lack of communication. I mean, it was bad!!I wasn’t blogging then and I was in the worst state possible, psychologically speaking. I just didn’t see a light at the end of the tunnel and a big part of me felt as though I just was not strong enough to see how ‘this’ would play out. I did all but write a note, let’s just leave it at that.
This year though, my my! Isn’t it great when kids wake up with a smile? That’s what my Panayioti does every single morning. He wakes up giggly and smiling and just plain happy. Yesterday at his OT swimming lessons he went to the deep end with just a foam float! I mean, wow! I am beside myself and so excited with his progress that I can’t believe I was worried and mortified at the thought of summer vacation. Would he regress? Would he freak out on us? Man, we were miserable thinking of what he had in store for us. But now, we’re like “he can go on vacation to the village, he’ll be fine, look how happy he is lately” 🙂 Hope I’m not jinxing him . . .

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