Just a little intro

For TBT, thought I’d repost this little intro

Trying to be Super Mom . . . and failing miserably

See, in the beginning, and even though I had read hundreds and I mean hundreds of articles, I thought it was a passing thing.  He’ll do a few months of speech/occupational therapy and he’ll be on his way, talking and playing with kids just like any normal kid.  I mean, that’s what he was doing.  He talked and he played.  He didn’t grunt and do weird hand movements and he certainly didn’t avoid other kids and shut his ears at just about any sound or noise.  I guess like any parent I didn’t want to accept that what I’m seeing, what I’m witnessing my child become is something that’s basically here to stay.  Autism, unfortunately, does not go away.  You just learn to deal with it.  As one parent said you don’t make him/her live in our world, you have to live in their world.  And that’s tough.  So so tough…

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