Beaute with a side of autism.

Last Saturday afternoon, after I dropped off the little guy at my in-law’s and Miss M was taking her siesta I took advantage of the 2 hour gap for some me time and booked an appointment at a nearby spa for a much-needed manicure/pedicure. The moment I walked in, and even though the AC was on high, the smell of nail polish and polish remover was so strong it almost made me faint. I was told to wait while they got ready and soon after me a pregnant girl around 30 years old walked in. She too had an appointment for a manicure/pedicure but as soon as they told her it would be another 5 minutes she decided she would wait outside. Smart, I thought. This smell couldn’t be good for her or her baby. But then I looked outside and there she was, lighting her cigarette and taking nice, long drags. She seemed to be truly enjoying her ciggie. Oh well. I decided I wasn’t going to judge her. But still! She MUST know how toxic that is. Anyway, we were sitted right next to each other in our spa booths and of course we started chatting. As soon as she sat down she said she felt like a whale for gaining [only] 4 kilos by her 5th month. I told her casually that I had gained 14 kilos when I was pregnant with my Maria and a whopping 18 kilos with P. Her mouth dropped. No way, she said, would she let herself gain that much weight, she never wanted to have kids in the first place, her husband apparently talked her into it. After I smiled politely and fake-laughed at what she just said, I told her she would lose all the baby weight with breastfeeding she seemed even more shocked. I don’t plan on breastfeeding at all, she answered very matter-of-factly. Again, I tried to keep the little voice inside my head from judging her. As a mom who both breast and bottle fed her babies, I swear I will never be one of those women who judge and get all on their high horses and feel superior over other women due to their choices and/or decisions regarding their kids and how they raise them. As long as they’re not hurting them, each mom has her own style. But then she said something that made everything all that more confusing to me and kind of took all the joy out of the pampering I was receiving. She was in a hurry because she had an appointment soon after. She was an Occupational Therapist and she had an appointment with a little boy around 4 whose parents are only now seeking help!! What’s wrong with the little boy?, asks the aesthetician. He has autism, she answers in a low hushed voice as if it’s the plague or something. As if it’s something taboo.I hated this encounter. It made me feel bad. It made me feel bad for the little boy she was seeing whose parents waited so long to seek advice and receive a diagnosis and who was going to be evaluated by her. I judged her in the end. And I judged her solely on the fact that she was unprofessional. I judged her for the tone in her voice when she said ‘autism’ as if it’s something to be embarassed of.

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