It’s the little things that count.

Lots and lots of little things that my little man has been doing lately has me smiling to myself, and happy, and dare I say, hopeful. Hopeful that I may hear that little voice that I know is in there somewhere, just begging to come out and join his loud and somewhat obnoxious family. But I’m also a strong believer that actions do speak louder than words, way louder. So I’m going to give you some examples:
At breakfast the other day I poured P his bowl of Cocoa Pops and was prepared to sit down next to him and spoon feed him of course but he surprised me by grabbing the spoon out of my hand and eating by himself! Ok I thought this is good. Really good. Then he did something else that pleasantly surprised me though too. You know how cereal sticks to the side of the bowl and you have to push it back down to the milk? Well, that’s exactly what P did too. And he didn’t seem frustrated either. He didn’t demand my help and he just kept on eating, very non-chalantly, very 5 year oldish. I know, I know, this may seem little, maybe even trivial, right? But I don’t care because to me, it’s huge. And it makes me happy even just thinking of this image.
Then, it’s been the way he’s been ‘communicating’ too. With me, his little sis, and his dad. Acting like a typical big brother, sometimes he’ll push her when she’s in his way, other times look into her eyes and hug her and play with her ponytails and then all of a sudden get this Denis the Menace look in his face and pull one of her ponytails and run off laughing! Kosta and I always crack up when he does something like this to his sister. Poor Maria!! The thing is, he’s not indifferent, he’s not a brick wall, and I’m finally starting to feel like I’m getting through to him. Not 100% of the time, but really, really close.
He’s looking into my eyes more, he’s communicating with me more, he’s just more here with us. Last week he brought this huge tupperware that I have for when I bake cakes all the way from the kitchen to me while I was sitting in the living room. I know it must’ve been heavy for him, but he had this huge smile plastered on his face while he was bringing it over. My boy wanted cake. And even the other day while he was eating slices of apple that I had cut up for him, and sometimes that makes him laugh and he would be laughing and pieces would be falling from his mouth on the floor and I of course scolded him (both dangerous ’cause he may choke, and messy) you know what he did? He immediately stopped, hung his head and pouted his lips and was nearly close to tears! My boy actually showed emotion!! I was both sad for him looking like that but so happy at the same time!! Actions speaking louder than words definitely at work in this autism home.

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