Our Goodies.

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There is literally no place that I visit, go, or stroll to with the little guy without some or all of these life-savings toys (a.k.a. sanity saving goodies). The other day we had our annual evaluation by our social service provider and because we were rushing that morning I almost forgot to pack his basting brush. Yes, that’s right. A basting brush, or whatever you call that thing you use to egg-wash baked goods. That’s P’s main ‘toy’!! Whenever he’s frustrated, or just plain bored, he’ll seek out his basting brush like a sparrow seeking crumbs at the park. He’ll take it into his hands, sniff it (of course), and then either use it to stroke his palms or, and why not?, take his socks off and stroke his bare feet 🙂 It calms him, and thus calms his momma who can then use the maybe 5 minutes he’s really quiet to talk to the state child psychologist about what we’ve been up to this year.

Well, what have we been up to? Every year he gets ‘better’ behavior wise, I tell her. He’s not speaking yet, words that is, but he’s communicating with his PECS more, and pointing, and using some syllables for words. He’s improving! Not to mention our new, and totally exciting, vision therapy with prism eyeglasses. Everything seems to be in place according to how our little guy is most comfortable. Plus, with me working this year and him totally adjusting to that, he’s been a really great kid all around. We even took a little trip and he was absolutely perfect! This is the same place we’ve been getting our evaluations from for 3 years now so they see for themselves too how much he’s improved. We spoke about all the stims that he’s abandoned, and new ones he’s adopted in their place, but these are controllable, for the most part.

When P was two he was a biter. When he was 3 he was a licker. When he was 4 he was saliva-player and poop-spreader (gross – hardest time for me hands down!!)And now that’s he’s 5, going on 6, he does this thing where he swallows really hard and loud and that really irks me, ugh!! Totally hate it!! This swallowing really hard makes him gassy too for some weird reason but like all ‘quirks’ this too shall pass, I know it will. Something else will then take its place but I’m hoping it’s something even less gross. So, anyway, we went over all these with the child psychologist, who although is state funded, seems like a really caring person.

By the way, our goodie box has: 1 Superman (for biting pursposes), a comb (for stroking purposes), a massage roller, balls of all shapes and textures (of course), a chain, a bracelet, and a slimy/stretchy bug, a hair clip (?), a toy car and a helicopter. Please go to this box for reference if/when ever thinking of getting us a present 🙂