Gulping air: My kryptonite

For the past couple of months P has been gulping air. Yup. Making really loud gulping sounds. Just going about his day gulping air. It’s been driving me nuts. At first that is. Now, it’s worrying me sick. But, the past two weeks that he’s been doing this his stomach has been really, really bloated. We went to the pediatrician’s to see if his stomach is so bloated because of this air-gulping ‘tick’ that he’s been obsessed with doing lately or because he’s generally constipated, or of something else much worse medically. Basically, we also just want to know why he looks so pale and sickly even though he’s such a good eater. I mean, he eats everything! His fruits, his veggies, his proteins, his milk. Everything. He doesn’t go to the bathroom that regularly but he goes. And does his bloated tummy have anything to do with his pale complexion, and dark under-eye circles???

There was the time of the saliva playing and dripping, and we lived through the poop-smearing that drove me out of my mind. None of that though made me worry about his health though. Kosta has a little nephew whose stomach was always bloated like that and it turned out that the litte kid needed a kidney transplant. Thank God he’s fine now. His parents had to move to England for a while to be near the hospital that treated him. He’s doing really well now and the last time I saw him, his name is Panayioti as well, he looked so healthy. Rosy cheeks and everything. Bloated tummy no more. Is my kid that sick??? We’re getting his blood work back tomorrow and he’ll be seen by a gastroenterologist at the hospital. He will also undergo a semi-invasive procedure to see what’s going on in his intestines. I hope we’ll get some answers tomorrow at the hospital because I’m so freaking worried I haven’t slept more than four hours a night this whole week. I just wish I knew what was up with my little man . . .

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