Did I run for my son? I sure did!!


As cheesy it may sound to some, and a bit of a cliche, I ran the 5k at this year’s Athens Half Marathon for my ASD son. I sure did! And I’m going to run in every single other marathon, or race, in Athens from now on, again for my son. That feeling of accomplishment, that euphoria, that thrill and just plain-old excitement and gratification that you get from people cheering you on, it’s incomparable. And then when I finally got back home I looked at my son and I said “Panayiotaki I ran for you today” and he looked at me and smiled and hugged me those tight hugs that he hugs as if he knew what the heck I was talking about. I just felt like a good mom, for once. Because when you’re a parent of a special-needs child sometimes no matter what cool toy you buy or how much money you spend on their clothes and how much attention you give them, sometimes it’s a special type of feeling that makes you feel like a good parent. And that special type of feeling is what I got from running in the “I Run For Autism” group.

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