The important thing is that he’s happy.

2 thoughts on “The important thing is that he’s happy.”

  1. Dear Georgia you are a great and a so strong mother. i’m sure Panagiotis is very happy to have such good parents as you.
    Me and my wife have 4 children. 7y 3y 10m 10m. Our mid child Panagiotis has Hypomelanosis of Ito which caused him epilepsy and hypotonia.
    I just read the article in “newsbeast” ( about your Panagiotis. I noticed some similar symptoms (closing the ears-for joke till now-, rolling games on the floor using the left hand, jumping on our shoulders and hanging when he dont want something).Although he is very social, with great sence of humor, playing with his older brother and letting us now what he wants. He has not spoke yet. The truth is that i am in shock after reading the article and i pray that he wiil not have autism (epilepsy is already enough and doesnt seem to stops). We are waitting for a appointment with αναπτυξιολογο to be planned and see the results.
    i wish the best for your Panagiotis, my Panagiotis and every “Panagiotis” around the wolrd.
    Keep on th good work


    1. Dear Giannis,

      I wish you and your family all the best and I hope the appointment with the anaptyksiologo goes well. Whatever the outcome is don’t be afraid because you’ll get help if you have the right people/professionals in your life. The anaptyksiologos will be able to help you figure out if anything is suspicious with your son, but I hope nothing is because epilepsy is enough already! I should know, I myself had epilepsy from the ages of 4-12. Please let me know if you need anything, any information, assistance of any kind. I am more than willing to help and that is the reason behind my article, to help parents diagnose their children earlier because the sooner the therapies start for autims the better the outcome.


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