And then I think how blessed we are

DSC04856I have to say that he’s not always up for being cuddled by Maria. He’s not always in the mood to be kissed and hugged and treated like a baby which Maria loves to always do. She cannot be in the same room with him and not kiss him and give him hugs. Especially when they’re watching TV. Oh, the times I have pried her off him while he’s whaling to be let go of her ‘grip’ and how every time he sits anywhere she’ll go sit by him and put her arm around him. He wants to be left alone most times and she just doesn’t get it. But this morning he woke up happy and really there. And he was fine with Maria leaning on him while their cartoons were on. In fact, he went and sat right next to her on the couch as if to say “look, if you want to hug me today, it’s OK, I’ll allow it”. And I soaked this whole couple of minutes interaction up. I think it will be the image that will help me get through another day.