We’re turning 7. Just a tiny bit sad.

What are typical 7 year old boys like? No, seriously. I mean, I know what typical 7 year old girls are like, or I can imagine since little Maria is a typically-developing child, with all her charisma, and her wit and goofiness all laid out before you. And her words, oh boy can this girl talk your ear off! And she even philosophizes, or thinks she does. But, what are typical 7 year old boys like?? P is turning 7 is just a couple of months and lately he’s been both really hyper and aloof, and sometimes moody and just a tiny bit aggressive. And because I like to believe that his world is not all autism all the freaking time, is this due, in a small part, to him turning 7?! I wish I had friends who have boys around his age but I don’t. I would love to just be a fly on their living room wall and observe what their boys do. I have neighbors who have boys in P’s age group but I don’t know how they would feel if I rung their bell one evening and asked if I could stay for dinner. Do their boys eat their food? Do they play with their food? Do they kick the other chairs under the table? Do they run around the house right after dinner? Do they climb the couch and sit on the edge of the hand rest? Do they throw a fit when you tell them it’s time for bed? I just have a feeling that there are definitely typical boys that do some, if not all, of the above, I just know it. And that’s why I’m been sort of relaxed with P lately. Not so much structure, allowing him to yell and make sounds at the top of his lungs, letting him be ‘himself’ in his little world a little longer than usual. He’s growing up. He’ll be 7, and his momma is a little bit sad. At his age, I was a newly-emigrated child in the States and I had keys to our apartment (in a somewhat seedy neighborhood) and let myself in in the afternoons after school, made myself a snack and did my homework . . . BY MYSELF. Not the type of expectations, or responsibilities, parents put on their children nowadays typical-advancing or not.


Hubby went to see a basketball game the other day and sent me a text that read somewhere along the lines that he wished P could come along with him, would ‘be able to’. This is the very first time that hubby has expressed something like this and it made me sad. Sad for hubby. There are so many things that ALL of us are missing out on, not to mention the bad hand that ASD kids are dealt with. Ever since little Maria has learned to speak she’s been making up lyrics to songs. Her songs lately are all about her brother; how he doesn’t speak, how he doesn’t play with her, and so on and so on. At first this made me sad as well. Now, I’m sort of like “OK, Maria, get over it”. Don’t know how this fares with child psychiatrists, I know we definitely all need a sit-down one of these days asap.


So, we’re turning 7. Yay!!