Meet Branca.

We’ve started Dog Therapy. We’re now three sessions in. Athens Therapy Dogs is a relatively new group (began in February of 2016) based here in Athens and works mainly with children and adults on the spectrum, the vision impaired and in general, people with different capabilities. The whole principle is that dogs provide relief and in our case, incentive, to interact – to communicate! You can check out their FB page here:

It’s strange how this ‘journey’ with the little guy into autism has brought me, personally, and us as a family, around so many different people, from different walks of life. It’s [autism] taught me so many things. My son has taught me so many things. Pictured is Branca and her owner Panos. Right off the bat Branca and the little guy seemed to click. As soon as he saw her yesterday he approached her with excitement, patted her back and gave her a kiss. In fact, he gave her lots of kisses throughout our session. He held on to her leash as tight as he could due to the fact that there are some minor fine motor skills issues and in general was very cooperative. We love our sessions with Branca and I can’t wait to see where this new therapy will take us.

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