What’s up little man?

20161016_1054081My boy loves to run. He loves to run and play ball, chase pigeons, hug dogs and cats, roll his hands in grass, sand, mud. He seeks out sensory stimuli whenever and wherever he is. This weekend was the perfect weekend for ALL that because this weekend I signed him up for his very first kiddie marathon. PeopleRun is a 1k run that takes place in one of the most beautiful parks/forests in Athens. We arrived, took our bib (semi struggle pinning it on him as this was something totally new and he reacted somewhat fearful at the sight of the pins). He kept tearing it off so I had to re-pin it on his back and still he kept reaching for it, tugging at it. He saw typical kids and sprinted towards them in his goofy sort of way. He wanted to high-five them but he’s kinda scary at that so I understand when most kids just either stare in horror at a lanky kid gallanting towards them or they run the other way straight to the parents’ safe embrace. At one point he even jumped on the podium where the presenter was standing and kissed and hugged her really tightly. She laughed it off and told him that he is very handsome. I smiled and grinned and of course apologized to her and anyone else P came in  contact with during our whole 3 hours there. And in the back of my mind I think, for how long will this be cute? Sure, it’s fine now cause he’s just a little kid acting all quirky. But, when he’ll be a teenager, tall and lanky, his little ‘love taps’ won’t be considered cute for sure. I even told my husband that I had my ‘observation glasses’ on full alert and was on the lookout for any other kiddos like our little  guy and the answer is “nope, P was the only ASD kid in attendance”.

We’re making progress in his communication. He is shaking his head no and making an “o” sound when he doesn’t want something. But his “yes” is still an issue and usually his “yesses” are just siren-y sounds and grunts. This morning for breakfast he brought out his marmalade and butter and bread all by himself. He was really smiley and happy. I asked him if he wanted breakfast and he shook his head in what looked like a ‘yes’ – head bobbing downwards which is the Greek way of agreeing to something.

He is calm lately and not as jumpy as he had been. Maybe it’s because his front tooth finally came off and now we have a one-tooth dracula smiling at us at home. Teeth issues are definitely issues and I have dreaded and postponed his visit to the dentist for the longest time because except for eating toothpaste he’s not all that keen on brushing his teeth. We have an electric toothbrush at home and I have to brush his teeth for him but it’s not an easy task, nor is it something that he looks forward to.

In November we have our very first appointment with a pediatrician of homeopathy in order to look into homeopathic meds that will help him with his stimming and hyper-activity. I really pray to God that we will come away from this meeting feeling hopeful and at ease. In other words, the exact opposite of our meeting with the child psychiatrist who painted a truly negative and dire picture of our boy’s future. I know he will be autistic for the rest of his freaking life, I don’t need a psychiatrist to tell me that. I just want someone to tell me that it won’t be so freaking scary because when you tell parents of a severely autistic 7 year old that your son will always be autistic and nothing you can do can change that – well . . . screw you!

I guess I have my own issues which I need to deal with and which I try to by practicing yoga and running. But, I’ve taken up smoking again and enjoying a glass of vino every night before I hit the sack. This helps as well.

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