We’re not shy types, you know.

Oh my, how long has it been? Way too long! And it’s not like I haven’t had tons and tons of stuff to write about, especially about P. Well, most importantly about P. ‘Cause I can rant on just about any other platform about work and whatnot, but this here’s the place where I can really ‘talk’ to you about my beautiful boy.

So, we’re on meds. A cocktail of meds actually. Have I seen a difference, an improvement? Uhmm, not really and that’s what’s so heartbreaking!! I give him all this crap which is supposed to help and when it doesn’t I can’t stop giving it to him cause the doctors are like “it’ll screw him up even more” and I’m left feeling “WTF?” So, we’re still adjusting . . . so and so of this, and 5ml of this and the list goes on and on. He’s not as bipolar but he still has crying fits in between hysterical laughter. And he still bites and hits his hands. Not to mention that he’s begun running and falling on his knees. AND my kryptonite, swallowing air . . . which leads to gas and, as of late, burping. Actually, belching. As if he’s chugged I don’t know, 10 beers. That air’s gotta go somewhere right?And he’ll fart and burp and whatever else he’s gotta do wherever he is. My boy ain’t shy, you know. And he grunts, a lot. Like really, as if a bear is coming to attack you. So yeah, meds . . .  what a life saver – not!


Today, we went for a ‘volta’, a little stroll cause it’s so sunny and beautiful out, just him and I. We stopped at a cafe and I got him a banoffee and he had a fit until it was served. The waitstaff were awesome though. We all laughed it off ’cause he’s so damn cute. Then, we went to the swings where he absolutely INSISTS on being swung on the baby swings. Fellow mommies were looking at me, and him . . . but he’s so damn cute! And after two hours of being out and about it was time to head home and on the way home I kept thinking of all the ASD kids I’ve met on this journey. Some were really quiet, timid, shy and aloof. Some are now in typical schools, and without an aide, from what I hear. The majority of them speak (!) My little man, my beautiful boy – this face which is impeccable and perfect in every way, and the biggest heart, this little guy has got it rough.

But he’s so damn cute!

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