When I was down and out one time, just a year after I moved to Greece, (guys seemed too into themselves and their bodies, women seemed too snobby and hard to befriend, career path – um, what career path?) my friend Eleni said to me “This isn’t the spunky Georgia I remember”.  And I totally understood what she was talking about.  I’m always up, almost.  I’m positive, to a fault some have said.  No matter what life brings me, I am resilient and willing to work additional hours if need be (that’s actually what I’ve written on my cover letters).  I’m just a really happy person and I want others to be happy as well.  Just as easy as I smile, I am also quick to cry especially since having my second baby there is no commercial with babies or families that I haven’t shed a tear over. And my babies are my life. Two of the most different people I have ever met.  They are day and night when it comes to their personalities.  Panayiotaki, who’s 4 and diagnosed with ASD from 2 1/2, and Beba (Maria) who just turned 1! He shares and pretty much doesn’t care about any of his toys, which could actually be an ASD thing, while she will go out of her way to grab a toy out of another kid’s hand.  She’s a Scorpio, baby.  Our life is really quiet at times, and other times it’s chaotic.  But, really, we’re good. Thanks for asking 🙂

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